Sony has just put its Linux user base in the dust bin with its newest update that doesn't allow installing another operating system to its popular game console. Thanks, Sony. I'm now making believe that you're going to lose market share because of this. I'm also making believe that this move is another attempt to remove Linux' competitive edge from the marketplace. Your excuse that you, "don't want people tinkering with the system" is bogus. I think I smell a rat. I rat that smells of rainy days, seawater and space needles.

Users are already upset about Sony removing this feature that's marked clearly and distinctly on the box. Some want the option of having some of their money returned because of this feature downgrade.

When large companies, like Sony, make changes that don't make sense, you can almost bet with certainty that there's something else brewing in the background. It's possibly related to my "Another Linux Lawsuit Storm Brewing?" from a few days ago. Sony could be scared off of Linux because they don't want to pay Microsoft to use it.

I think that we'll find out when Sony comes forward with their reasoning on it but until then, opinions mount.

Why do you think Sony made this radical change? Did you know that if you don't accept the update that disables the use of Linux that you can't use the PlayStation Network, play newer games and Blu-ray movies, view copyright-protected videos or streamed video from a media server? Surprise!