Howdy folks,

I need to open a dialog with some people that know more about Linux than I do. Specifically Apache httpd. I'm not sure that this is the appropriate place for this, so be gentle if not.

Here's my situations, I have a Fedora install of Linux up and running. Apache httpd, Tomcat and the PHP Java Bridge are all installed and working. I have developed a Java web app that serves as a client to some web services. I am using the PHP Java Bridge to provide access from PHP to the web services, which are hosted on a separate server accessed via SSL. The application is actually working on another server in production, I am trying to set up a Linux box for testing. I've also got it working from my Windows development machine. So I know that the app works.

I'm pretty confident that the problem I'm having is related to SSL configuration. I'm getting the error below in the httpd error_log. I'm fairly certain that I have configured the Sun JDK default keystore cacerts properly with the certificate. I'm thinking that it is not being referenced properly by httpd, but I'm not sure.

I'm fairly noobish with Linux system administration. Can anybody give me a hand? Point me at some good info? I've been digging around the internet for a few days and am uncertain as to what should be my next step.

Ugly error attached.