Hi .
I am a computer student in university ... I do programming with C++ & its about a month that I am after Linux ( I want to continue C++ under linux ) ... I installed Mandrake , but got lots of problem with it ...
I wanted to ask you which distribution is good for me ???

Thanks in advance .

Lol, if im not mistaken every distro ive tried for far has a C++ app installed. Its like a core!, lol. Try freebsd, or slackware. Better yet go with debian or gentoo. There is no way to tell you what distro is best suited for you, onlybecause theres thousand's and I dont know you personally. I my self love golbinX, its got 3 different GUI's but its a live distro so you have no need for it. Let me know how you do.

Gentoo is a great distribution for a programmer, of course everyone will say that about their personal favourite distro, however, my "opinion" is that gentoo is put together in a way that appeals to the logic of a programmer, it is the easiest distro I have used because most of the time it fits with my way of thinking, also it only has what is needs and what you decide it should have, it doesn't install a thousand apps you will never use (unless you tell it to).



If you want to be up and running right away...Debian is the answer. To install an IDE that you need it becomes as easy as typing: %> apt-get install IDE_NAME

If it were me, I'd use a distro that would have me up and running fast and that was easy to upgrade and update. Gentoo is a good one...but it takes quite a bit of know how to install. Debian also is a pain to install...but there are derivatives of debian that aren't. Try PCLinuxOS, MEPIS, or better yet...Progeny Linux. Progeny installs like Fedora Core 3 AND it is Linux Standard Base 2.0 compliant...excellent for a programmer.

Download here: http://archive.progeny.com/progeny/linux/iso-i386/

I've got to agree. Debian rocks.
(we need a Tux smiley on these forums:))