Hey whats up guys.. maybe you all can help me.. cause I am lost.. maybe im doing something wrong maybe im not doing something at all.. or maybe im just doing to much of something...

Anyway to make a long story short my company would like to host thier own site inhouse to reduce some costs, as well as offer clients the ability to host there sites through us as an incentive to try an close deals with possible clients.

We are using apache 2.0.48, on an NT based machine. All works accordingly and well up til we try to point the domain to the server.

Now the problem I am having with that is our registar.. we need nameservers, and Im not quite sure how to set those up with apache. If someone could point me to some documentation a module what ever that does that that would be great..

Now my big question is, we went out got some domains that resolve via IP for testing.. all the domains in themselevs reslove fine. But when I put them all into their own vhost container the top one super seeds all the domains. and will send all requests to the server to that specific location within it.

My comapany has it set up like this in the root folder of the server for hosting (htdocs)


we have our domain, and 3 client domains... my company wants the directory set up like that example above for orginational reasons.. root directory containing our main site, client directory hosting client sites etc.. can anyone give me an example of what to do right in a senerio as I am talkin about?

Well I will try to seperate your issues out for you.

First, as far as nameservers go, you will need to setup bind/MS DNS, or some kind of DNS Server, these are not done through apache, most people perfer to use a provider for this such as zoneedit.com or some popular DNS Service for reliability. Generally speaking it is recommended that you have 2 different servers for DNS and that they be on different class C's in case there are any routing or power issues.

Your next issue is that the virtual hosting, the top domain will be able to be viewable via ip address, however via the domain name if you are not able to see each domain in their respective site, you will need to make sure that there is a 'NameVirtualHost' directive above the virtual host configuration.



Servername blah.com
Serveralias www.blah.com

Servername domain.com
Serveralias www.domain.com

Be sure to restart apache after you add in this directive as it requires a restart to recognize the changes.

beats me...good luck with it though sry i cant help