I've set up a web store with a SSL cert, for checkout when the store scripts invoke https. I believe it was initially working fine before mods like adding an addthis.com link and jQuery scrpting. I know SSL requires scripts to be run as https, but the addthis link is and the jquery is all relative paths which I beleive would resolve themselves to https.

Can anyone give me some guidance on troubleshooting this?


What are the apache logs telling you? They usually give at least some error which will at least it will tell us where to *start* looking.

Hmmmm. It's a shared server so I'll have to find out if they are available to me.

There is a custom script added for special shipping calculations that goes out to Google maps. We put an https on the call but that might not be acceptable by this server. Any thoughts on dealing with that?


Usually shared hosts will allow you to have access to your own 'error_log' since most websites have their own virtual hosts, this shouldn't really be a problem. AFAIK there shouldn't be any issues will making calls from an SSL site to other sites, worse case scenario, if it isn't secure, the page will warn the user that it is about to make an un-secure request to a different site (well, the browser will)