I am trying to set up a strange network configuration. Basically I have a wireless network from a BTHomeHub covering my house but I have a few devices that need an Ethernet connection and I don't like the idea of wires trailing though the house (The HomeHub only has two Ethernet ports anyway which are both taken up).

My idea was to connect a Belkin 54G Wireless router to the network and then use this as an Ethernet hub for my wired devices.
Is this even possible? If it is either direction to a good website showing me how to do this or a few pointers would be helpful.
If it isn't does anyone else have any other ideas? Using a laptop to connect to the hub maybe?

One more thing to note is that one of these devices is an xbox. I don't know if that complicates things.

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Does anyone have a clue how to do this?

So far I have got the second router (belkin) to say it is connected but the master router is not showing it up on the list

Please help!

extending your ethernet devices on a wireless network is often done with a wireless antenna allowing you to use the wireless router you already have however you would need to have wireless adapters installed on each desktop.

I can tell you in principle how to do this. But the BT HomeHub is a piece of sh*t that shouldn't be allowed because it has no easy user configurability.

In principle, the second router (not the HomeHub) should be set up in WDS mode to wirelessly see the HomeHub. It may be Home Hub version sensitive. Worth a try.

The Belkin instructions are at:


A useful Homne Hub discussion to help you is at:


You've got some research to do.

Incidentally, when I had BT Broadband, I used my own router (Draytek 2800) which is fully configurable and is known to support WDS with a bridging router elsewhere in the house. Do it (better models than the 2800 available now) and stuff the wretched Home Hub. One advantage of having your own router is that when you reset it to factory default, you don't have to ring BT to restore your connexion. What were they thinking of.

Hi. Thanks for your help so far. I have tried and failed to get this working with the BTHomeHub. i can get a connection between the two routers but no internet connection sharing.

As such I have changed my main HomeHub router for a Netgear router. Would anybody be ableto give me advice on how to setup the connection between these two routers.

The netgear accepts WDS firmware, so is the way I should go?

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