Hi everybody, I'm trying to set up a File Server running on Linux but I encountered some strange difficults...

The hard disk I want to share is a 320GB I formatted before to install the Operating System (Ubuntu Server 10.10) and I formatted as NTFS because I want to read it from Windows clients too. Now that the server is uo if I call "fdisk -l" I get back the 320GB hard disk but the system say that is a FAT32.. how possible?

And if I try to mount it with a "mount -f vfat/dev/sdb/ /any/path" it say me that fs is wrong...

Any suggestion? Do I have to format again?



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Google is your friend here case.There does not store the file system is the best answer for everything. If any of the various file systems, which exist.I propose a stack of blank paper, a clear idea of what you need the file system, is certainly an idea, and wonders why a lot of coffee.

Did you have a read of that link?
Do you have the ntfs-3g driver?

@nonshatter: I read it quickly but I want to read it again with more care. I will check this in the arvo, thanks.

Wow, here I come with some sweet (and strange) news!
I followed the instruction and I finally mounted the hard drive.
I just added the line on fstab file:

<your partition> /media/<mount point> ntfs-3g defaults,user,locale=en_US.utf8 0 0

and after the restart I was able to see my drive!
But is bloody funny because if I still call the "fdisk -l" command it return to me:

/dev/sdb1   *           1       38913   312568641    c  W95 FAT32 (LBA)

...so would be nice understand WHY is still FAT32 for it but anyway... problem solved for now. Thanks guys ;-)


Just curious why you did not set it up as a Linux filesystem and then install samba. Samba lets you connect to and read/write files from/to a linux system as if it were a windows shared drive but still has the security and speed of a linux filesystem. I use it all of the time and it out runs windows servers for access times and ease of connectivity.

If it was a Linux FileSystem I was able to read data from a Windows client?
If yes next time I will do it. I'm just experiencing something about how to manage a File Server.

Yes you can read and write to it from a windows system. FOr example I have linux on my laptop and have samba running (http://www.samba.org/) with my Windows username and password added to the samba configuration. Samba uses my windows login as authentication to the linux shared drive. I have a guest user set up that can only read from the shared drive so I can quickly allow people on my local network access to the files on the server without authentication.
Linux (Unix) was designed to handle files and the GUI options were added later. Unlike windows which is a GUI that has had file managment added later.
I also have several clients that have a Linux server in their office for secure and virus free document storage and they have windows on their workstations and have no idea that the server is running Linux.

Yes its correct.. If you are having linux file system means you can red and write in windows system..


Why don't you try ubuntu default disk putility.

click on :system > Administration > disk utility.

In the left pane you can find your disk & after select your disk your get option in right pane window.

Hi, it's a server version. No click allowed ;-)

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