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erm ... Linux? In reality it doesn't really matter, though I would suggest Debain stable or CentOS (which is based on RedHat)

But really any Linux distro that has packages for Apache, Mysql and PHP/Perl/Python will do.


you should try CentOS Linux.... then apt-get install apache2 php5 php5-cli mysql-server

then presto u have your LAMP

if you are using Windows you can try WAMP or Windows Apache ms-sql mysql and PHP...

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basic error misinforming the op seem my reply for correct info

The above won't work. Apt is a tool used in debian based systems. You will need to use yum eg yum install package_name to install packages on red hat based systems such as CentOS.


what operating system should i use to install LAMP

Try the PCLinuxOS distro (www.pclinuxos.com). I recommend downloading the Gnome Zen Mini, or the KDE Mimime ISO. These two remasters of PCLOS have minimal software included in the ISO file, thus are best for setting up a LAMP server. Once you install, and update your OS through Synaptic Package Manager, search for 'task LAMP' (no quotes); select it and the task script will download all necessary packages to run a LAMP server. Afterward, it's a matter of configuring the respective servers. Webmin is an excellent tool for configuring and maintaining a LAMP server. Webmin is available in the PCLOS repositories and can be installed with Synaptic.

Another option is installing a Business Enterprise Linux (BEL) server available through Ondisk.com (http://on-disk.com/product_info.php/products_id/438). The BEL Project site is down right now, I don't know why, so you need to download through another site. Simply install the ISO image and you have a nearly instant LAMP server with Webmin as the default admin tool.

Hope this reply helps you out. Cheers.

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