I am planning to build an email server. My first one actually.
I have used linux for apache / db / middleware ... so I think am capable of installing a mail server with some proper documentation.

I have narrowed the email server to be postfix... but now here is what I am looking for.

1. the mail server should support pop and imap service... i heard about dovecot, but not sure how good it is... are there any other s/w that can be integrated with postfix?

2. I require a web client that can be used to access the emails and it must also have Instant Messaging feature... and any instant messages conversed should be stored or archived as an email itself... jus like google chats gets stored.

3. Good AV / Spam protection ... please let me know what else wud be required to increase security to this...

4. Any other suggestions that needs to be in a mail server are also welcome... bcos I have no idea on what is required to get complete full fledged email server.

5. I want all of the above in opensource... since I am building it for a charity organisation.

Am I asking too much for free?? if so ... please let me know what I cannot have in opensource.



May I suggest that you take a look at qmail and the install provided at qmailtoaster. I use it on my servers with the addition of spamdyke and it works great. It has the features you are looking for and more.