Hi dudes ;

Now i have a crea nu4-14e laptop (with sismedia 671/672 , 1gb ddr2 ram,intel celeron cpu ..lol) and i am usin' ubuntu. So there is no 3d support ; and there r so many driver problems&error. now i am gonna buy a new one.. i wanna have a dell inspiron n5110. but there is two kind of this machine.. one of.
CPU Intel® Core™ i3 2.1 GHz 2310M 3 MB
HDD 500 GB 5400 Rpm
VGA Chipset INTEL HD Graphics
and the other one:
CPU Intel® Core™ i3 2.1 GHz 2310M 3 MB
HDD 320 GB 5400 Rpm
VGA Chipset AMD 512 mb HD6470M
my biggest and first wish about the laptop which is i am gonna buy ; i dont wanna face any graphic problems(include 3d , unity etc)..

what is your offer? please help me..

Note: i am gonna install ubuntu and windows 7 text to it..

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heyy.. is there anyone?

I have Ubuntu tested on old Presario and HP ProBook. Both went fine. Bu anything bigger than that. I think any modern Laptop is pretty well supported

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