Hopefully my question is pretty simple... Currently I have an ubuntu server (I am not runny server edition, simply the 32-bit desktop distro), but when I built it I was not sure what I was doing with it just yet, but decided to have it as my low-wattage home media server. I installed the OS onto an 80GB drive (had to be ide) and later bought a simple pci sata raid card to add 2 drives (1 3TB drive and 1 1TB drive). I would like to have the 3tb drive be the main file "holder" and have the 1TB as the downloader portion but my issue is that every time I restart the drives are not mounted and I get some permission problems.

Simply I need:
1. How to mount drives into ubuntu permanently / add drives (or automount at startup, if that's easier).
2. Get permanent access since programs such as Tixati tell me "unable to create folder" when transferring files to those directories (even when the drive was mounted).
3. Do this without having to format the drives.

Thanks! :icon_question:

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