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One thing that I know for sure is that there is no restore on linux, coz linux seeme to fix things by itself to prevent crashes ...


If the hard drive is actually shot you're pretty much out of luck. If the OS is hosed (simply won't boot) and you just want to recover your files before reinstalling the OS, you can boot from a live CD, like Slax for example, and save your files to a thumb drive. Booting from a live CD would also confirm whether the hard drive is actually bad or the OS is the problem.


I deal with this cruft all the time.

  1. Boot from a live Linux CD/DVD/USB device.
  2. Assuming your system root (/) file system is /dev/sda1 (on Red Hat systems, it may be /dev/sda3, then you need to run this command: fsck -f /dev/sda1 (or fsck -f /dev/sda3)

The command "fdisk -l" will show your disc partitions, so you can know to run fsck on all of them, except for the "swap" partitions.

So, for more specific instructions, post here the output of "fsck -l".


If the hhd makes "tac tac tac tac" is dead must to changeit but is there appears a grub message you can restore your boot loader with any live cd.

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