how do i install libreoffice in Vector 7


Today I was sucessful in installing Vector 7 after trying since the last 2 years.
To view power point files I need libre office and do not know how to install.
Any help given will be greatly appreciated.
farid ansari
Karachi, Pakistan


I'm not familiar with Slackware & Co. but it seems there's a tools similar to apt i.e. slapt-get which can be use from command line:

slapt-get --search package_name
slapt-get --install package_name

Here there is some information:

Otherwise you can download the .deb or .rpm file from LibreOffice website and convert it with deb2tgz or rpm2tgz, and finally use installpkg:

installpkg package.tgz

Or check in there may be Libreoffice.


Or check in there may be Libreoffice.

Indeed, there is.

If all else fails, you can always compile it from sources.

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