I'm new in Ubuntu and GNOMe...

something I don't understand is that when I've used this command to uninstall my gnome

sudo apt-get remove gnome*

...and then install it again using another command which I've also found in the internet...
...then reboot my laptop...

I came up to a message saying

" The system is running in low-graphics mode"

then pressing continue I got thie choices

Run in low graphics
Reconfigure graphics
Troubleshoot the error
Exit console login


I don't really know what to do...
My senoir just suggested to reformat my laptop and install ubuntu again...but I want to know how to deal with such kind of problem...just in case I ended up to such problem again..

Well, first you should know that this is not the best way of removing gnome and why should you want to do that on the first place since you plan to install it again.

Anyway, what you are seeing is a problem with your video configuration. I am guessing that you have removed more packages than you have reinstalled later on. That's a first. As a second step you can start that system in low graphics mode and then go and check the output from your Xorg.0.log file There should be information related to problems in starting your video driver correctly. I cannot give you an example as this is specific to your video card, but usually the error lines start with (EE).

You can also try to reconfigure your graphics configuration. You may succeed or you may fail, depending on whether you have all the neccesary packages installed. Basically for a linux newbie I would reccomend reinstallation because it is not clear what else is missing from your system, and please don't remove gnome in such a way :)

Hello kewne, I have encounter the same error message in the past and to get the graphics working again on Ubuntu I purged xserver xorg, then install and then just reconfugure. This shuld get you back into your desktop.

  1. Turn on your your machine and go into command mode with networking.
  2. Enter these comands to purge, install then reconfigure xserver xorg;

To purge:

sudo apt-get remove -- purge xserver-xorg

To Intall

sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg

To reconfigure

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

Then reboot your machine you should be able to login to your desktop.

I also use Ubuntu gnome and its working great. If you need help there are plenty of turorials on the web. Google is your friend but if you still need help to reinstal let meknow.

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