while taking the backup my system used to closed the terminal and show's me the folder on usbdisk where i have copied my all data when my the process of copying is completed but from last week it never shows me the folder and terminal remains open as it is coping is continew but its actullay done i have to close the terminal my self and check my self while measuring the the size of the usb disk folder and folder and size of the folder on my system. how could i get those settings back to let me know automatically so i dont have to guess and close while its processing. i use cp -rf /proddb/ /media/usbdisk/prod_bkupsep13/proddb. this command to copy the proddb data. please help

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i am using linux as operating system. server sepecificatio is system x3650 IBM runing oracle 11i on it.

So, you say it copies the data correctly (you have verified that with cksum or md5sum, right?), but just doesn't close the terminal window when done? There can be many reasons for that, including unintended input in the terminal window, so our being able to determine exactly what is causing this symptom is pretty difficult to accomplish... :-(

yes it copies correctly but doesn't close the terminal window when done.. is there any setting of OS or i am making any mistake. i check the size by du -sh /proddb/ then compare it to the folder i copied on usbdisk.

Running a checksum calculation on the data is the only sure way to be sure that the copy was successful. Size alone is not definitive.

As for your process of running this in an open terminal is concerned, that is not the best approach to use. I would run it detached with nohup and redirect stdout and stderr to specific files. If you run it as a shell script, then after the transfer you can compare checksums of the source and destination files to validate the transfer, writing the results (success or failure) to stderr (the specified file) which you can review later. You could also email that info to you or a mail list as well.

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