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I've had Ubuntu for a couple of months now and I'm having problems with the boot drive/partition. I have a total of 500 GB to work with but for some reason that I didn't notice Ubuntu installed using only a (very) small portion of my 500 GB and now I cannot update my laptop anymore because I am having storage issues. What can I do to resolve this issue? Any help would be very much appreciated!

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Do you mean that Ubuntu set up a tiny partition and is only using that? Maybe post a summary of sudo cfdisk /dev/your-hdd-or-disk-or-whatever. You can extend and shrink partitions fairly safely using gParted, remembering to run it from a disk which isn't the one you're changing.

Yes that seems to be exactly what Ubuntu did but I don't recall being notified when I installed Ubuntu. I am at work right now and will run the summary in about 8 hours. I appreciate your help as I am still relatively new to Linux.

Well you've no doubt put me on the right path so I'll mark this as solved. However, I am having some issues with my external hard drive not being recognized on my laptop. I guess that's the snowball effect.

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