i just installed ubuntu 14.4 but found it difficult to browse using the connectify wifi from my other windows 7 which i have always been uding to share network

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Please be more specific about what your problem is. Does the WiFi work with Linux? How are you tring to connect to your Windows 7 system?

If you are new to linux, I have found a linux OS that is built on ubuntu. It is very similar to windows as far as use and I use it to introduce and train my users to linux. Most of them like it so much they stick with it. It is open source and free but they do offer an Ultimate edition for a donation of E9.99 (about $15.00), which I use.
I have had no problems using this OS for a year and a half. Check it out.
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I'd suggest trying Fedora Linux instead of Ubuntu as it will give you a simpler interface for connecting to wifi and make life a bit easier (only simpler in Fedora 20+). If it's a browser issue, I suggest installing Google Chrome. You can also try rebooting your router or other networking equipment.

can you connect to the network in the first place? Second, do you mean browsing using a browser like google chrome or firefox? Three did you set up Samba to enable the two OS talk to each other. Remember that your internet connection (if that's what you are sharing) is just a shared resource like your files and printers. Hope this leads you to the solution.

hi. If you want to access your windows share from ubuntu on same LAN thn you may use smbclient, which is pre-installed. press alt+f2 and type smb://(destination ip of your windows machine e.g. Give the user name and password. Thats it. If you want to share something from your ubuntu mashine thn you may have to install SAMBA server byt typeing the following in terminal:
sudo apt-get install samba. Additionally you can install samba GUI to controll your ubuntu share with graphical user interface by typing:
$ sudo apt-get install system-config-samba

Hope that this will help.

Select the settings icon on the left hand side and search for network . You will get the network config box opened up .

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