Hello, i'm quite new in the forum and also in the matter.
I followed a few tutorials and guides to set up a web server using Apache.
I think I've done it all.
I installed the package. Did the port 80 forwarding. I'm using DynDNS for my dynamic DNS.
I created the host, also at DynDNS.

It works fine, in my computer. I connect to the domain i have and i see perfectly my page. But when i get outisde my LAN it doesn't works.

If any brain on the matter could help me, it'll be wonderful.


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First off, if you're using something like Windows XP, you need to make sure that you allow incoming traffic to your PC through port 80. The same needs to be done if you have a router or firewall between yourself and the Internet.

It may also be a misconfiguration with DynDNS.


I use dyndns as well for port 80 with no problems.

Assuming apache is running and nothing else is consuming port 80 like iis, you probably do have a firewall issue.

Turn off windows firewall or whatever you may have.

Also check the router's incoming packets to see if they are being received, to make sure it is configured properly.


I'm using Windows Vista. Hope that's no problem. (i don't like it much but...anyway)

I open the port 80 through the firewall.
DynDNS updater appears to be working well.
Firewalls are turned off.

And the problems isn't gone...

I'll try to re-make all the process to see if i did something wrong. Otherwise i'll come to you guys.



I've tried everything.

- I re-installed the Apache's package 2.2 (MSI installer) for Windows.

- I updated my stuff at DynDNs setting my hostname as coddazzigallery.webhop.net and activating Wildcard option.

- I ran everything again. It works, but only in my pc...I don't what else to do...

I checked and my ISP does allow web servers, so.. I'm really stucked...

Help me please =]


look at the router

check to make sure 80 is forwarded for your local ip only, check the router logs when you try to access it

make sure your computer is set to use a static ip also, otherwise on a restart the port 80 might not be mapped properly for the router

also what error are you getting, page not found, denied, or what?


Port 80 is forwarded...I set it as TCP in my virtual server site of my router.

My pc uses a static ip adress.

And The error, yes. Page is not found...


Well I don't no what else to do here...
I think i've tried it all...
I also called my ISP again and they say that they allow me to set up a webserver...



Are you able to hit the dyndns address from the local computer that apache is running on and access it?

Also are you able to hit the address in the same network and through dyndns in the same network?

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