I wonder if there is any tools for linux that convert .bin dump to .dd or .img dump file?


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I never tried this, but the iat tool is a converter to iso9660 (see here for example), then here is a discussion about iso and img...

Thanks but I think its Converting from .bin to .iso!

iso and img are the same thing. They are two possible extensions for the same file format.

Thanks Sir
Bu it seems the software that I uset for invistigation not accept .iso extention just .img extention.


iat my_image.bin > my_new_image.img

Thanks Gribouillis

I got this error when I ran the commands
Detect Signature RAW 2 at 103699115
Detect Signature RAW 2 at 105979979
Detect Signature RAW 2 at 105980075
Detect Signature RAW at 132579131
Detect Signature RAW at 132710075
Image is broken
This image is not CD IMAGE

my .bin file its the dump of mobile phone

Well, as I told you, I never used these tools. The iat man page says

iat - converts many CD-ROM image formats to iso9660.

but your mobile phone is not a CD-ROM, which could explain the error message

This image is not CD IMAGE

There is another tool named bchunk which you could give a try.

I've recently did a conversion from bin/cue to iso with bchunk and it worked just fine:

$ bchunk IMAGE.bin IMAGE.cue IMAGE.iso

I'm not sure if you can omit the .cue file (can the .bin work alone?), but if you have it, then this certainly works.

But it seems the software that I use for investigation does not accept .iso extention just .img extention.

If your software just doesn't accept the iso extension, you just have to change your iso file's extension to .img. Like I said, the format is the same, it's just a different extension. Simply renaming the file with the correct extension should work:

$ mv IMAGE.iso IMAGE.img

There is a (old) page in french here where they explain how to omit the .cue file by writing a small script (which they name biniso).

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