Erle Robotics and Canonical combine forces once again to launch the "Internet of Toys" (IoT). Collaborating with the Hybrid Group, they will build the next generation of toys bringing together makers, hackers, DIY robot enthusiasts and developers.

Toys are not just for kids: The IoT is fuelling the development of robotic behaviours controlled via Apps, including UAVs and land robots.

“Robots and drones are complex machines. We want any programmer to control and personalise them easily and give any consumer the ability to add the apps they need," commented Victor Mayoral Vilches, CTO at Erle Robotics.

“Why does IoT have to be boring? Let’s make IoT fun. Open Source will help anybody to participate, connect and personalise toys with apps. Everybody is welcome to join us.” said Maarten Ectors, VP of IoT at Canonical.

Canonical is showcasing the IoT launch at ROSCon Hamburg and Berlin from 3-7th October. One of the stars, the Erle-Spider, demonstrates the power of apps on robots. It is the first legged drone powered by ROS and running ‘snappy’ Ubuntu Core. This smart robot with a 900 MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor runs Linux natively and embeds multi-sensors onboard. The hexapod has been designed to meet the increasing demand of low-cost robot kits to learn, research and develop, while being subject to low levels of regulation.

“Apps on the Erle-Spider personalise what and how you use your robot. See how our spider becomes a real-time journalist and streams everything it sees to Youtube Live Events and listens to Twitter for instructions. One of the many ways makers can easily personalise a device with apps,” added Ectors.

Erle Spider is currently available at a discounted price for a limited time on Indiegogo

So, is this hardware going to be open sourced? Or will it still be proprietary, requiring custom device drivers and OS versions?

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