I've just installed RHEL 7.6. I've installed Base environment: Server with GUI with all addons for selectred environment

During Installation I created Root Password & created user form User Creation with, Make this user administrator option

Now, post install & after successful login to RHEL environment, I'm unable to install any software or access KUser to edit user permission or change user group

While installing anything it gives error something went wrong, Error msg when trying to use KUser , Error opening /etc/shadow for reading

  1. Should I install again with Root only?
  2. How to give root permissions to user created during Installation?

Ref:- Installation of “Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.0” with Screenshots

Need books or tutorials to working in RHEL7 GUI

"Red Hat uses strict trademark rules to restrict free re-distribution of its officially supported versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux"

So this is a Linux you pay for? Sorry, I'd go get a really free Linux.

What I've done on other distros is yes to your question 1. After I have a working install I add users later.

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