HereInOz 0 Newbie Poster

Hi All,

I have a D-Link DI-704P router/parallel print server, and while all the router functions are working fine, and the print server, with my HP Laserjet 4MP attached, works fine from a Windows machine, I am having real trouble being able to print to the LaserJet from a machine running Ubuntu Linux 6.10.

I have tried setting it as a CUPS printer, a Unix printer, all to no avail, probably because I don't actually know the correct settings to use. I have been led to believe that it is possible to get Ubuntu Linux to print to a printer attached to a DI-704P, but I have yet to find anyone who actually knows how to do it.

Is there anyone who has knowledge about how to print to this printer on the DI-704P, or who can perhaps throw me some hints to get things rolling? I would really appreciate the assistance if anyone can help.

Cheers, and thanks in advance.

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