iPhone 4 rollout: Apple fudge

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Let me get one thing straight: the iPhone 4 is undoubtedly a beautiful device. It's due out in the UK next week - stop giggling - and I would very much like one.

The problem is that although ordering started on Tuesday, I've been unable to order one. This is because I already have an iPhone. I want to upgrade my existing contract.

And I can't.

The reason is simple. Apple had all of the pre-order iPhones and the system went into meltdown. That much is well known.

What may not be so readily apparent to readers outside the UK is that our carriers have not yet been allowed to offer the phones.

O2, for example, has sent details of how you can go and buy a new sim for the new phone from them on Monday and insert it into your pre-order from the Apple shop. No thanks.

Orange, meanwhile, has published its upgrade prices (as has O2 but Orange got there first) but as yet no means to order or upgrade through its site.

I'm an existing iPhone customer. I'm excluded from upgrades. I could so easily change my loyalties around.

Memo to Apple and its partners: if you want to continue dominating the world, you really need to remember your customers are your best asset, not the enemy...

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