I have three very old (about 13 years or more) Mac Excel files, I believe version 1.x- Dataviz software will convert Mac Excel 2.x forward, but not 1.x- is anyone aware of a solution to migrate these files so I can open them?

Wish I could offer help. I have exactly the same problem. I am new to Daniweb so forgive any break in protocol that my unhelpful replay and question may represent. If you have received help, I am unable to find it. Have you learned anything about this?

I was fortunate enough to find someone who converted the files for me for free, but I do not wish to provide the address without permission- I have also bought an old Mac SE on Ebay and the seller installed Excel 4 for me, this is an excellent solution- I have not yet solved the problem of getting files in and out of the SE, I have a SCSI Zip drive that may work, just haven't had time to work on it- I think this takes luck since the commercial services aren't intersted any more

Thanks for your kind reply. I have dug out an ancient MacBook 145 and am on the same trail. with luck I can get Excel 3 or 4 on floppies which others claim will read 1.x. Supposedly it will permit a "save as" as Excel 4 (or some such) and the file is saved. To be continued.