I have two problems with my Microsoft Word for Mac;
First; I managed to remove the toolbar in "Equation Editor" (it's placed under insert>object). I've tried everything, but I can't find a way to get it back!
Any suggestions?

Secondly; I pressed some kind of a shortcut-key by accident and now my word-documents are filled with little blue symbols indicating where I have paragraphs and where I've jumped to a new line etc. Again, I've tried my best to remove them, but nothing works.

I'd really, really appreciate your help - as this is driving me crazy!

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I don't really use Word very often, and in any case, I don't have it right now, so I guess I'm not going to be much help. There's probably some really simple way of doing it. But... if you delete the preferences file, you can reset Word back to its defaults. The preferences file is located in your home folder/Library/Preferences, if I recall correctly. When you start up Word next, it will recreate the preference file with default settings. Good luck!

Hello, Malene--
Did you ever work this out? That annoying little paragraph thing is part of the "Standard Toolbar." All you'd have to do is go under "View" then to "Toolbars," then click to turn it on. That backwards "P" will allow you to toggle those things on and off. You might even find your equation editor there--I don't have that module installed on mine...and how about when you accidentally click somewhere and the top margin disappears? I hate that one too!

Yeah, i went to view, toolbars, formatting and when that toolbar showed up, i clicked the little backwards "p". All fixed. Yay.

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