Glad to know I'm not the only one with Mac troubles. Mine just locks up when ever it feels like it. Good luck!

Can't you run Time-machine on your mac? Where you using Mac OSX?

I deleted so many files from my Macbook, but I found some of them were important, so I wanted get them back. Thanks to this software. But it recovers so many files, so you have to spend time on selecting the files that you want to recover.

Time machine is a no go. I'm running 10.6.8, my (computer's) ram memory is maxed out & I use external drives for storage.

I have a simular problem on my Windows 7 machine. That machine starts up, then goes into auto shut down mode before I can use any function keys. I cant even start the factory restore disks to get back to day one on the windows machine. I'm thinking about yanking the drive format C, then do a factory reinstall. I use my Windows machine when in the field shooting photos & videos. My Mac is for editing at home.

I currently have 12 gigs of space in my phone. I wish there was a computerless dongle (or script) that would allow me to save captured video on my phone as a backup.

I got an event to shoot this weekend & I'm going out computerless. I've been feeling very necked the last two weeks...

You can try MiniTool mac data recovery to get them back.

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