Safari keeps locking up my computer.... and its rather annoying me.

The problem mainly occurs when the browser is loading content (pages with alot of content, such as stat pages etc) and i try to browse. It locked up and I am forced to reboot. I have reinstalled the os software, and i just updated the other day to 10.3.6. I also deleted safari, and reinstalled it as well. However, the problem is still there.... My G5 didn't freeze for about 6 months and now it freezes every couple of days, but only because of that conflict.

any suggestions??? (delete safari prefs, keychains, anythign???)

Try going into preferences and removing all the saved autofill data. I seem to remember reading that when it builds up it can cause the spinning beachball.

i will definetly try what you have reccomended. However it isn't giving me the spinning beach ball, it is totally locking up with the normal cursor frozen. Anyone else know what is goin on????

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