I'm not sure if I've got the right place for my questions.

I would like to get an easy to use, database program, for my mac. I need to type in all kinds of text on a large number of "file card" like the recipe cards-sized cards. Then I would like to number and label them in various categories and order them a certain way. Would this be a data base? Is there a free program for something like this? I'm not sure I'm using the right search terms.


You might want to try Bento. It's made by Filemaker, the same company that produced Filemaker Pro, a high end professional database for the Mac platform. And unlike Filemaker Pro, Bento is very affordable for the average consumer.

Hello, i work with MySql and Navicat and they work pretty well. MySql is a relational data base management system not so friendly as filemaker but it is a robust platform for data manipulation.