Hi Danarchy, Royng last posted on March 21, if you got to my account Jingda you will see i create this accunt a few days later Royng stop posting.

Thanks jingda,
it's difficult enough to keep up with my own comings and goings.
So I appreciate the notice and the action.

Votes + Comments
Offset previous negative rep, i was a bit harsh then. Sorry

Its ok Danarchy. If you want to quote people, just delete the number you see. When you post reply, you will see a person name, just delete the numbers, that you are able to quote someone. Good luck


I got my first Mac about 2 years ago now and it was explained to me just like this post has outlined. If you can only put one kind of bait on a hook to get one kind of fish then you would fish for the fish that are more plentiful and easier to catch.


I don't worry about viruses although I have Clam. I am a responsible, informed surfer (:


ClamXav is good but the scan speed is slow but it offer to scan for windows malware too. I like iAntiVirus and using it now.


The last virus I found on a Mac was in the 1990's. There were maybe 35 for MacOS 6 / 7 / 8 / 9, but I have yet to find one on OSX.

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