Stiill, no os are invulnerable. Sooner or later mac will be the main target of hackers.

Hi Danarchy, Royng last posted on March 21, if you got to my account Jingda you will see i create this accunt a few days later Royng stop posting.

Thanks jingda,
it's difficult enough to keep up with my own comings and goings.
So I appreciate the notice and the action.

commented: Offset previous negative rep, i was a bit harsh then. Sorry +9

Its ok Danarchy. If you want to quote people, just delete the number you see. When you post reply, you will see a person name, just delete the numbers, that you are able to quote someone. Good luck

I got my first Mac about 2 years ago now and it was explained to me just like this post has outlined. If you can only put one kind of bait on a hook to get one kind of fish then you would fish for the fish that are more plentiful and easier to catch.


I don't worry about viruses although I have Clam. I am a responsible, informed surfer (:

ClamXav is good but the scan speed is slow but it offer to scan for windows malware too. I like iAntiVirus and using it now.

Firewall is good but still it does not offer the same features as an antivirus.

The last virus I found on a Mac was in the 1990's. There were maybe 35 for MacOS 6 / 7 / 8 / 9, but I have yet to find one on OSX.

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