I tried one the other day and I don't get how it's better than a pc, if anything it was more confusing and akward. Can anyone enlighten me?

Try again.

you have to use it for a week to understand how much stable , fast and easy to use it is

and the more you use it , the more you like it

i just started using powerbook G4 its great but programming is dificult for because i am used to windows plus u cant save i text file with a .java extention and i wanna upgrade to OS X 10.5.11...any ideas.

I have both PC and Macs... I mostly use the Mac.

When I have to go over to the Windows World I find it confusing and awkward... but I have to admit, that's more a comment about me than the machines.

Up until a couple of months ago, I was using a 6 year old Mac Pro it was rock solid, produced a ton of work and never let me down. When I ask my Windows buddies what they would do with a 6 year old PC they tell me that it'd be virtually unusable.

In general, Macs have better hardware, look better, and are (currently) not subject to the plethora of Spyware and Viruses that plague Windows PCs. This is a big deal.
Windows PCs tend to be cheaper (Although you can find plenty of high-end machines) and there is a great deal more software available.
If you're an unsophisticated, email using web surfer, get a Mac and you'll enjoy years of virus free computing.
If you want to use powerful web design, image manipulation, CAD, gaming software, get a PC.
As far as the interface goes, that's just matter of spending time with it. I don't see anything inherently "better" about either.