I get " Unable to connect to background process" error message. I have done everything that I am soppose to from what i read from apples support sight, including uninstalling everything and reenstall. I need to use compressor I am dead in the water right now without it. help.

What is "compressor"? It's not something that comes with Mac OS X.
What version of the OS are you talking about?

Isn't Compressor a part of Final Cut Pro or something? I think it's an encoder of some kind.:?:

thanks but I figured it out. I am very aware of it being part of FC (final cut)
but the issue ending up being resolved. I had to actually go in and reactive
the Qmaster to get it back up. might be over your head. Thanks though.... :lol:

t might be over your head.

Well you'll just have to stick around and solve everyone's problems for us :rolleyes:.

I didn't mean my last comment to be neg in any way. I will help if I can. I have been using macs since 99 but, I still feel very lost from time to time. :)


Yeah, be careful on the wording there. I know Macs an aweful lot, but do not have the $$ to invest in toys such as iPods and flatscreens, so I miss getting hands-on experience with them. You probably have the same experiences with what you have access to, and what things you cannot get ahold of, you have holes in your knowledge too.


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