i have a popup hover menu showing diner menus on our business website... couple issues. one, on iphone/ipads it is not showing up by curser, as it does with IE, or firefox... i noticed on chrome, it works, but i did an X and Y offset, that IE and Firefox honor, but not chrome. most of my popups are 300px.. so i have the Y offset by -150, to make it the popup menu centered virtically. but Chrome is not listen to it. why? i am a NEWBEEEE when it comes to javascript! i can attach the JS hover menu.

site is: http://naniboujou.com

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I've tried to look into it for you, but just to confuse you even more, I have firefox and I cannot see any differance, so I cant fix it until i know what it should be like...

It seems to be a fault occuring in both: First you need to work out a way of removing the display: none; style off the #pup div when the user hovers over the appropriate link. (thats why we cant see it) ie getElementById("pup").removeAttribute("style");

Then the x offset must be at least 200px too large.

Finally, you need a way of inserting text into your div, ie document.getElementById("pup").innerHTML= "Your text";

Sorry to be a bit grouchy on that ;)

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