We have a PowerPC G5 1.8ghz with 768mb RAM. It has suddenly started taking well over 5 minutes to boot up, it gets past the grey apple screen then loads the dock and clock in the top right hand corner then sits there for 5 minutes with the SBBOD. it finally loads up and everything seems fine. I have tried many things to resolve this issue including repairing disk permissions, booting up of the cd and repairing disk, running FSCK from single user, zapping the PRAM etc etc.

Dont know if this is related but i checked in the console and there is a single entry which is as follows:

loginwindow[184] FSResolveAliasWithMountFlags returned err = -128.

Any advice would be most apreciated.


Are you using auto-login? Sounds like it. If so, try turning that off first and seeing if the boot is faster and it's your login that is the problem. Make sure you KNOW WHAT YOUR LOGIN PASSWORD IS FIRST. If it is your login, I suggest doing some .plist removal. Starting with ~/Library/loginwindow.plist and com.apple.finder.plist.