I think I have a similar problem to an earlier post with my macbook v.10.5.8. I have to be right next to my router for the internet to function. I downloaded iStumbler but as I move away from my router at just 60% signal my internet will cut out and I get the infamous internet can't be reached page.

Additionally, this is a new problem, I used to be able to move all about my apartment with no problem. I have another windows computer that works just fine. Often, even when I have the 60% signal strength it says that I am still connected to my router, but I don't get internet.

Is there something else on my computer using the signal? Is there a way to optimize it? Is my airport going bad? What can I try to do?

What's wrong with my internet? Can anyone help? Please use simple language... Thanks!!!

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Common problem, i experience it all the time but it can be solved. Are you using the older version of mac if yes go software update and install the new updated version. Are you able to connect to the internet with a ethernet cable. First go to network utility. Go to spotlight and search for it. Type network utility. In my next post i will show you the picture. Post me what you see. Next go to system preference and click on network. The next few steps you must be an administrator to do it. Click on assist me and click on diagnositcs. The network diagonistics will appear. All the button on the left should be green in colour, post what you see. Follow the onscreen instruction in the network diagonsitcs. See my next post

Follow the step in my previous post. The picture are in order according to the steps

After following your directions, running the diagnostics, and restarting the verizon fios router I think the problem was solved, but I'm not sure how. I'll check again tomorrow and then do the "fixed" thing. Hopefully it's not a router problem. Thanks.

Monitor the problem for a dew days and see if the problem still persists. If the problem is solved, i hope you can marked your thread as solved. Thanks

Hope it works windso0

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