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I have been a PC user/technician since they came on the market way back when. I recently landed a job where I have to support MACs now...and I must say the learning curve is steep. Now, to my problem...the MAC I am having a problem with is a G5 running MAC OS X. When I try to add a printer using the Printer Setup Utility I get the following error message: "The application Printer Setup Utility quit unexpectedly". This error appears after I have done the following:

1. Launched Printer Setup Utility.
2. Select "IP" printing.
3. Filled in all info required, such as IP address.

Then in the lower box where print drivers are selected I choose "Other" and that's when the error appears. Here is what I have tried to fix it:

1. Reset the printer queues from within Printer Setup Utility.
2. Created another user and tried to add printers from that profile, no luck, same error message.

I was going to run the Disk Utility to repair permissions but I was advised by another tech to run a manufacturer's test on the hard drive because he believes the hard drive is failing. The hard drive was replaced on this MAC about 3 months ago...so I am reluctant to believe that. If someone out there can help me out it would be very much appreciated.


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Welcome to DaniWeb. Hope that you find the community nice and useful.

First, I need to point out a quick note to you -- Macs are not MACs. A Mac is a Macintosh computer, and a MAC is a Media Access Card, as in a MAC address on an ethernet card.

As for your printing issue, I would run the disk permissions repair, and I would also run Software Update, as there may be driver updates and the like available for the system.

I also tried to re-create the steps you took in 10.4, and my selections are different. Before I try it under 10.3, I'd like to know what your OS X version is too. If you are using 10.1, I found that environment to be a printing nightmare... 10.2 was much better at printing.

Also, what kind of printer are you trying to connect to? I have not had any problems connecting to any IP based printing to a Postscript printer. Mac OS X is Unix -- and Unix and Postscript have played well together for a long time.

Take care, and talk soon.


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