Hi to all;

I have been a PC user/technician since they came on the market way back when. I recently landed a job where I have to support MACs now...and I must say the learning curve is steep. Now, to my problem...the MAC I am having a problem with is a G5 running MAC OS X. When I try to add a printer using the Printer Setup Utility I get the following error message: "The application Printer Setup Utility quit unexpectedly". This error appears after I have done the following:

1. Launched Printer Setup Utility.
2. Select "IP" printing.
3. Filled in all info required, such as IP address.

Then in the lower box where print drivers are selected I choose "Other" and that's when the error appears. Here is what I have tried to fix it:

1. Reset the printer queues from within Printer Setup Utility.
2. Created another user and tried to add printers from that profile, no luck, same error message.

I was going to run the Disk Utility to repair permissions but I was advised by another tech to run a manufacturer's test on the hard drive because he believes the hard drive is failing. The hard drive was replaced on this MAC about 3 months ago...so I am reluctant to believe that. If someone out there can help me out it would be very much appreciated.



Welcome to DaniWeb. Hope that you find the community nice and useful.

First, I need to point out a quick note to you -- Macs are not MACs. A Mac is a Macintosh computer, and a MAC is a Media Access Card, as in a MAC address on an ethernet card.

As for your printing issue, I would run the disk permissions repair, and I would also run Software Update, as there may be driver updates and the like available for the system.

I also tried to re-create the steps you took in 10.4, and my selections are different. Before I try it under 10.3, I'd like to know what your OS X version is too. If you are using 10.1, I found that environment to be a printing nightmare... 10.2 was much better at printing.

Also, what kind of printer are you trying to connect to? I have not had any problems connecting to any IP based printing to a Postscript printer. Mac OS X is Unix -- and Unix and Postscript have played well together for a long time.

Take care, and talk soon.


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