Help. I have restored my Imac 10.5.8 and thought i backed up everything but forgot all our photos.
Is there any way i can retreve all these photos.

Please help!!!

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What kind of restore of Leopard did you do? Did you use the "archive and install" option or the "erase and install" option. Were the photos in iPhoto? Were you using timemachine? Please list out what hardware you have. I will watch for your responses and we will see what we can do.

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@nz.terriers: You can run a free demo version of a Mac data recovery software that will let you know if you can regain your images back. If the software finds it then you may proceed to make the actual recovery. I would also suggest you to take some precautions like stop any read/write operation on the drive, don't save any new file. I am sharing the list of Mac recovery software with you which solves your purposes. Try the demo first.

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