Hi I have the blue tower G4. I have been using skype but can only get a good video contact the speech (voice) is garbled. Turn off video and the speech is good. I have tried new drivers for the web cam which is Called a Macam but it did not help. I am also using a Mac Microphone separate from the web cam, the mic on the web cam does not work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Norm.

Hi normanhilda.
I have an iBookG4 running 10.3.9 and use a Sony Digital Camcorder connected via the firewire port. It is quite cumbersome however I haven't suffered from garbled sound. I wonder if USB requires more system resources to process the video content? I lack the expertise to resolve your problem but perhaps you could try a firewire device for video and see if that helps.

Hi 40, thank you for your interest, you may be right I may give it a try if I can find a fire wire connect camera. meanwhile I can now use my i mac which just came back from repair.Regards Norm