i have recently buyed a Mac os system ..and i am using window till my childhood...so please suggest me how to use it...your suggestion will be appreciable


My lawyer switched from Windows to Mac a year or so ago - and he will NEVER go back! If you have questions, go to your local Apple store and ask the "gurus" there to help you, if you cannot find the answer on the system or online.

FWIW, I am his tech guru, but I am a Linux/Unix wizard. My wife is the Mac guru of the family, and I refer to her when I am clueless (not too frequently).

The Mac OSX is a Unix variant (Berkeley Software Distribution - BSD) at its heart, but with Apple's GUI as the user front end.

In any case, there are tonnes of documents on the internet to help you, not to mention on Apple's web site as well. Just do some Google searches for issues you are confused about! :-)

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