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I'm really excited about the progress made with affinity. It's a cut of the price of creative cloud.

Looks like affinity photo is soon to be released with

With an indesign clone coming shortly - all for the princly sum of £39.00 per app. Which is ridiculously cheap compared to creative cloud. Just waiting for affinity designer to support crop marks like you can do in illustrator and I'm fully jumping ship.

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I'd just like to point out that using inkscape to crop mark you pdfs works as a compromise, just about all inkscape is useful for. Then you can import to affinity designer.

Pixelmator works as a photoshop alternative until affinity photo is in its alpha release.

I must say affinity is rocking and progessing there beta version with no bugs in paid verison. Another one which is competiting with photoshop is Browser based Photoshop Online Alternative which lauch in jan, and they are competing with online version of photoshop.

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Thanks for the reply, I'm looking forward to the release of affinity photo. I never liked online webbrowser editing. Have you seen sumo paint.

It's better than the link you've posted. I don't personally feel the browser is responsive enough for real time time work.

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