Hi I put windows
on my mac pro and now the mac os has dissapeared I used boot camp.I have tried turnng off and pressing R when starting but it only loads windows 7 can any one help

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Hold down the ALT key while booting. Keep it down until you get a choice of icons on the screen. You would see 2 drives, 1 for mac, 1 for windows, and a CD rom if you have one loaded.

I would correct you, your OS is not missing, its there you only need to choose a OS on startup: here is ow you can do:

  1. Restart Mac and hold down the Option key while the system is booting, after a while it’ll show the icons of all installed operating systems. Now, click on Mac OS X and boot the system
  2. Click Apple logo >> System Preferences
  3. Click on Startup Disk
  4. Select the Mac OS disk and just close the screen. Now, next time when you will start your Mac it will boot from Mac OS X.
  5. Similarly, you may change your default operating system from Mac to Windows.
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