Hello does anybody see any error in this?

[!] Unable to find the Xcode project /Users/macbookpro/Desktop/project/platforms/ios/C:\Users\Simos\project\platforms\ios\Project.xcodeproj for the target Pods-C:\Users\Simos\project\platforms\ios\Project.

I copied my project from my PC to my Mac in a usb drive. THERE IS NO C:\Users\Simos\ directory on mac. Why ai i getting this?

rick.darwin commented: Part of the problem no doubt is that you have mangled the MacOS and the PC filepaths together. +0

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There are priors about this. Here's where it likely started.

I copied my project folder from my windows environment pc to my MacBook pro

The problem (I think) is that XCode thinks your project name is "C:\Users\Simos\project\platforms\ios\Project" (yes, the original path is part of the name).

I don't have much experience in XCode, this info was what I used to solve the error I had. Possible solutions: rename the file "Project" to "C:\Users\Simos\project\platforms\ios\Project". Alternatively, you can use XCode to rename your project (I'm not sure if it is a viable solution).

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