I just switched out my old hard drive and ram from my laptop for an upgrade but now my screen is black. When I power it up the power light comes on and you can hear the drive starting to spin but that as far as it goes. When I insert a disk it will try to read it but then gives up. It does all this while maintaining a black screen PLEASE HELP!!!

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You haven't said anything about what's on the new hard drive for booting/Windows purposes and how it got there.

So I presume the disk you're inserting is a Windows DVD and you want to do a fresah install.

I think we need a lot more info from you as you're in front of the thing and we're relying on what you tell us.


The new hard drive has no boot sector. I do not know how to resolve this.

Then don't bother replying!


Put the old ram back in and see if it works then.

I put the old ram and old hard drive back in and i still have the black screen!!!


The next thing to do is plug a monitor in the back and see if you get anything from that.


I pluged it up to a monitor and still nothing? i think i just murdered my laptop. should have took it to someone who knows what they are doing.

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