I read a news story by Paul Krill about how Linux OS Server shipments have and will continue to slip by double-digit margins in 2009. Windows Server shipments are hit hard as well but almost 5% less so than those of Linux. The original report came from IDC.

The IDC is self-described as follows:

IDC is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets. IDC helps IT professionals, business executives, and the investment community make fact-based decisions on technology purchases and business strategy. More than 1000 IDC analysts provide global, regional, and local expertise on technology and industry opportunities and trends in over 110 countries worldwide.

I have no doubt that "official" Linux operating system shipments are slowing due to the economic downturn and I also have no doubt that Windows Server shipments are experiencing the same slowdown. However, I think these so-called analysts are spouting a popular belief and their "analyses" aren't really based on fact.

When times are good, everyone predicts big growth and there are those "analysts" who predict that oil will hit $200 per barrel--though it never happened. None of them predicted this downturn--so how much stock do you want to put in what these people say?

If business is to survive and thrive, then we have to stop listening to these people and decide that we are going to go forward with business as usual. We will continue to experience a downturn, poor sales figures and fewer shipments of whatever it is as long as the analysts tell us we will. When they change their minds and decide that our economy is on the upswing again, everyone will listen, begin to go back to work and all will be fine again until those same analysts decide otherwise. They are classic thermometers--responding to their environment and their predictions are nonsense.

The bottom line is to realize that, yes, in fact, there is economic strife affecting us all but it doesn't have to be perpetual. And, it doesn't have to continue downward. If you want to have your life destroyed by what these analysts say, then so be it. If not, continue to purchase your Linux systems, your Windows systems, your desktop computers and whatever else you need to continue and grow your business. If we all did that, the analysts would have to say that there is now an economic upswing.

Being frugal in good times and bad is recommended practice. Wise spending is always in fashion. Greed, overextension and frivolity are bad.

Go buy a Linux Server. Buy a Windows one. Buy several. Do what you need to do and stop listening to analysts and naysayers. The economy will get better when you make it better.

Write back and let me know what you think of economists, financial analysts and the global economic situation.