I really need your help, please help me if ya can! Anyway, I ran a virus/spyware scan and it deleted the threat, but ever since then I've had a problem. Whenever I logon to windows it shows the desktop (icons, taskbar, start menu ect.) then it dissapears and reapears a few times then stops re-apearing and I can't do anything. The computer is not in a frozen state because CTRL-ALT-DEL works fine. So anyway, I basically can not use my computer. I run windows XP pro and I have no system restore points to try and use The only think that might help you help me is the error I got one of the times while trying to login. it said at the top "DLL Initialization failed" under that to the left it says userinit.exe and to the right it says "the application failed to initialize because the window station is shutting down" I've tried everything I can think of and I'd have to have to re-install windows and lose all my files. pleeeease help me Thanks in advance.

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I suspect that the cleanup removed a system file that had been infected. So perhaps it is worth taking your XP Pro CD, booting off the CD with the /R option and repair your Windows.


Have you tried doing a system restore?

I didn't create a restore point :( I really regret not doing that.

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