ran ad ad aware ask to reboot rebooted.
windows reboots but on logon page you hit ok windows window opens then rt back to logon page then says saving personal info
hit it again same thing
tried starting in every aspect of safety mode (f8) everything ends up same page logon saving personal info.

it seams I'm amongst friends in a hellish place what can i do to see my windows again

hello balge , thank you for the advice. im on a old emachine that needed validation from windows so i haVENT USED IT FOR ALONG TIME BUT SOMEHOW I CONNED MICRO INTO VALIDATING IT . OOPS CAPS THAT DAm a keyanyways my system still down bought system mechanic 8 for 20 bucks which has a recovery disk so now not sure which way to go but i think thats life in general when it comes to me

I still think you should try a repair install with the windows disk first, I dont know 'system mechanic', I'll stick with what I know