As Windows 8 Hits Shelves, Microsoft Gamble Heightens.

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Microsoft is just about over the three day hump that has been their timid Windows 8 release, and amid the cries of anger over die-hard user, it's apparent Microsoft's move toward Windows 8 was one for the long term, not the short time.

Win8-logo1 While some jump to call the move a failure, it's important to note this is not a Microsoft failure, and instead a change in direction. Microsoft has indeed sold failed products before, ie. Vista and Windows Me, and Windows 8 is not one of those products. While it may be lacking Media Center in an attempt to cut licensing costs, has a significant learning curve, and also lacking a start menu akin to how we remember it, the OS lacks serious bugs and performance issues we see with past OSes that have been seen as failures. Vista was abysmal in its speed and performance (not to mention User Account Control), while Windows Me was just plain buggy and full of performance difficulties. In short, it's easy to see what Microsoft failed at delivering. Windows 8, meanwhile, can be better described as one step back, and two steps forward. They removed a very essential part people appreciate, but replaced it with what the world needs, smarter computing.

When you actually work with the Metro interface, you'll quickly just how efficient it is for simple tasks you were once unable to do. Reading the news, checking the mail, and getting the weather are great improvements for the Metro interface, and the desktop still exists there if you want it. While I'm the last to say it's a seamless improvement, and the Windows Store is perfect, it certainly is a step in the right direction for Microsoft against Apple and Android - though it does feel a bit too Apple-esque. It's fair to say this is a big gamble for Microsoft.

Meanwhile, to offset the risk, Microsoft is investing in awarding its early adopters - something almost no company ever does. Often the early adopters are subject to not only lukewarm performance, but often a higher price than those who wait out for the holidays, and minimal support. Microsoft may not be giving the greatest performance out of the gate, but is throwing in 90 days of tech support (from real people who know what they're doing) and a price you can't refuse. At just $15 for those who bought a laptop in the last 6 months, and only $40 for everyone else, this OS is cheaper than the games you'll buy for it come Christmas time. If anything, we should be thanking Microsoft. While we all may not be fans of their new gamble in design, we can certainly appreciate the support and fair pricing model. The question of it paying off in the coming months depends heavily on their marketing and performance

For now, criticis will debate both sides of the coin. In the long term, only time will tell over the next few months of support how well Microsoft accomplished the task of introducing a new Windows to the world.

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Windows 8 looks good but the support from developers just isnt there yet. Looking at the list at and it's just not there yet. Whilst new apps are being added, we need to see some 1,000+ that are of high quality and unique before people are going to switch back from iOS or Android.

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The only potential reason I could see for it not being a failure at this point? Microsoft Windows is shoved down our throats because of OEMs refusing to touch alternatives.

I for one would love to see this fail hard just to convince Microsoft to stop trying to chase others with their "innovations" and just stick to what they know works. I had the opportunity to buy it. My response? I got the upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium to Ultimate instead.

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Please watch tutorial videos on things like search and tell me this is just not a great OS. Just too good compared to any OS out there

MidiMagic 579 Nearly a Senior Poster

It's cute, but it's hard to do any work on it.

jsherm101 14 Light Poster

Midi - iI felt the same way until i got Start8 from Stardock - I'm actually more productive now, as I was able to view my live tiles through the new Metro interface with easier access to Mail, news, and Stocks

LouA -3 Newbie Poster

what I'm wondering is if this OS will be compitable with Vista ultimate?? My XPS435 came with it and is close to 2 years old, plus whatever else I have going.
will it overwrite as others did in past?
been member for many years just haven't been active for various reasons.....

deceptikon 1,790 Code Sniper Administrator Featured Poster

what I'm wondering is if this OS will be compitable with Vista ultimate??

Regardless of what's available, the usual advice for moving up Windows versions is to perform a clean install. Upgrades have improved over the years, but a clean install limits risks to things like hardware compatibility instead of hardware plus whatever stuff was on the PC before.

MidiMagic 579 Nearly a Senior Poster

I need compatibility with existing software. 8 is everything but.

caperjack 875 I hate 20 Questions Team Colleague

My XPS435 came with it and is close to 2 years old

a less than 2 year old computer should have come with win7 ,my opinion is that your compouter was way out dated when you bought ,and its also myopinion that the best way to buy win8 is installed on a new up todate computer/laptop,as i said its my opinion 
LouA -3 Newbie Poster

Win 8 searches for drivers, and even with the latest printer, it don't seem to find them, it is compatible with itself and not worth the troubles. I purchased it and returned it pretty quick.
and btw caper I don't buy used or outdated computers FYI so didn't really appreciate your reply.....and your opinion didn't need your insults

caperjack 875 I hate 20 Questions Team Colleague

LouA ,if you bought you laptop less than 2 yrs ago and it had Vista one it was outdated ,win7 was released to manufacturing on July 22, 2009,,that makes your laptop outdated at purchase ,my opininion ,like it not .

Customers who just bout new laptos for christmas that had win7[with win8 laptop on the shelf next to the win7 ] on them bought outdated

and it not microsft fault it didn't find win8 drivers for you printer ,it the maker of the printers fault ,did you check you printer maker websirte for win8 drivers ,wait ,actually the latest printer should have come with win8 driver shouldn't it .
i bought an outdated win Vista laptop once ,thats how i know,thats why i bought it ,price cut !! .been there did that ,i seen almost 100 laptops sold at local store that had win7 on them and they sold because of the price $329.00 to 379.00 ,because there are last years laptops

happy computing .

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it's important to note this is not a Microsoft failure, and instead a change in direction

Semantics. Just like saying "it's not a problem, it's an opportunity" or "it's not a bug, it's a feature". When you remove features that most customers want then I classify that as a failure. Especially when MS could have easily give us a choice of

  1. do you want Metro or Desktop as your default environment
  2. do you want a start button type menu

The interface that is being forced down our collective throats is geared toward tablet (ie content consumer) users while MS thumbs their noses at the many content producers. My former place of business has several thousand desktop computers. These will never be upgraded to Windows 8 until MS allows the above choices.

the OS lacks serious bugs

Every OS has serious bug. Windows 8 just hasn't been around long enough for the bugs to surface. Windows 7 was supposed to be "relatively bug free". I just installed service pack one and had to watch as over 40,000 updates were applied.

Reading the news, checking the mail, and getting the weather are great improvements for the Metro interface

These three tasks occupy less than 1% of my daily computer use. MS put a lot of effort into supposedly improving performance in such a small area. That isn't my definition of smarter computing. As for my former place of business, if those employees spent a great deal of their time doing those three tasks they would be quickly reprimanded.

LouA -3 Newbie Poster

Bold Text Herecaperjack"
whether or not you like it your an idiot...learn to read moron....
never said it was a laptop and your wrong with your bs all the way...stick your head where ever you like ....

deceptikon commented: Uncalled for. -3
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I just installed service pack one and had to watch as over 40,000 updates were applied.

40,000 is alot! I get updates too but I lost count how many.

Wil 0' Wisp 2 Newbie Poster

The Rev is correct as far as I have seen, selling an operating system which completely leaves the end user confused, unable to operate, unable to find quickly is a stupid thing to do, Windows 8 for tablets and touchscreen for the fingerswiping brigade is fine, for people who have to use a mouse/keyboard forget it. I have installed different replacement start menus to windows 8 which is immediately followed by a palpable sigh of relief by the client (S) And as for the patches! bad news that that many opportunities for improvement could be built an ew operating system

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

might I also mention MS wants to control the software that can be installed on your computer, and force you to only use MS-Verified software.

meaning things I use regularly such as BrawlBox (yes, I'm a harmless game hacker) would be removed, where things like virus-infected MS-Office installers would be installed w/o hesitation.

MS doesn't want you to have your own life, they want to force you to revolve around them, which this can also be seen in 7.

this is why I stick with XP and down-rate any "decent" software that doesn't support it.

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