I keep hearing a static/popping sound from my speakers.

I used my headphones and I still hear it so I don't think it's the speakers. If I put a movie on the pc I can hear it but, the static/popping sound is louder. I unistalled and re-installed the audio software (Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit) multiple times along with restarting the pc and it still comes back.

I have 5.1 surround sound. Dell Dimension 5100.

I opened my pc to look at the hardware and I don't see any problems.

Please help, what do I do?

I hear ya.
It happens to me to. (The laptop this happened on was not new when I got it) Prehaps it is a problem that existed before?
The outside case around where the plugs for the speakers/headphones is damaged. Is this the same on your computer?
This may be where the problem lies.
Also if the computer was subjected to trauma of any kind (dropping, if it's a laptop, slamming the cover down, or something like that)
I don't know if this'll be of any help or not.

hi pr3fect, check the plug of your speaker it might be that the ground is not good..or check your sound card if it's a pci card, try taking it out and put it back..clean first the gold fingers before you put it back..

a cell phone or cordless phone plugged in near computer can cause this problem

Yeah when people are calling me or i am sending out text messages on my mobile phone, i get the random sounds you describe.
Either move your mobile phone a good meter or so away and the problem should be solved, if it persists come back to us.