i'm currently runng xp pro with sp2 and for some reason i can't change my msstyle. it locks up on the please wait screen. i slipstreamed the uxtheme.dll with sp2 on a cd and installed from there. all worked great until today. i haven't installed any new programs too which is really throwing me off. anybody have any ideas? thanks in advance!

Could be all sorts of things:

Do you have any spyware on your system?
Could be just that SP2 has some flaws like always
Could be that security problem
Could be Hardware Problem
Drivers Problem
Did not slipstream the CD Correctly

If posible I / we would like to have a bit more info.

thanks for the quick reply.

no spyware
no clue on if its a flaw or not, i know it did work though a few days ago.
i have a firewall running
i'm almost positive the cd was slipstreamed correctly

as for drivers and what not i have the exact drivers installed from when i was able to change my msstyle..

one thing though after sitting at the please wait screen for a minute the box will just turn white and i can return to my desktop. explorer is pretty much crippled tho i can't open any programs, etc. but rundll32 tries to end its task over and over and never successfully closes. dunno if that explains anything or not =/