How do you change what icons appear on the desktop when you load windows vista? I know one way is to right click, personalise, and under tasks select change desktop icons. Is there another way? Because My Favourites is always onthe desktop even when i delete it and it isnt in the option in "change desktop icons".


right click on the start button chooe properties, then customise,then advance you will see a list of items that you can select to show on the start menu or desktop

Na thats for the start menu, it just keeps re appearing lol. vista is a typical buggy windows OS. I cant seem to find it in any of the menus or anywhere, i have no idea why its tehre anyway, just appeared one day and it aint going

I delete it and 5 minutes later its back there even when i dont do anything.

does this favorite have the pages you have bookmarked? or is the folder empty

If you don't want an icon on your desktop then just click once on it to highlit it then press the <Del> key or drag it to the trashbin. Of course, this is after Vista has been installed and ready to go. If you want to add one then use Explorer to find the program, right click on it, select Send To from the menu and then Desktop.

if it's empty you should run a virus/spyware scan.

...also use a utility like TweakXP and the like and see if the location of the favorites folder has inadvertently been changed to the desktop or not.