Well Were Do I Start I Got A E-mail From Aol About 2 Months Ago Saying That They Were Changing Servers But This Would Not Effect My Connection But Ever Since Then Im Not Getting Over 150kbs Im Ment To Be Getting Up To 8mb ,they Say I Im Getting 8mb And Its Everyones Fault But Theres, Bt Have Checked Their End And Said Everythings Ok From Them ,all My Equipment Is Fine And Has Been Tested On A Friends Line And Works 100% ,has Anyone Else Had A Problem Like This With Aol ??

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Have you tried following

1) switched off your router/modem/etc, whatever you are connecting to AOL with ? If not leave off for 10 minutes before switching on.

2) checked with AOL that username and password have changed ?

3) checked for viruses, spyware, etc on your pc ?



done all that even tried a friends pc on my line and his is mega slow too ,just about ready to crack up :(


has Anyone Else Had A Problem Like This With Aol ??

yeah ,thousands of people, that why they switched IPS's


Since you have tried almost everything that could have solved it ... thus i think there is no problem on ur end ... i ll just u just change to some other service provider.

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